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When I firstly thought about buying electronic cigarettes for my self, the main thought I had on my mind was, how will they satisfy my need for smoking a real cigarette!? As soon as I start exploring about electronic cigarettes on the internet, one fact could not exit of my mind. This fact helped me to make a choice and soon I quit smoking and started with vaporing. Here I will explain what made me change my mind.
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An article I could not find any more (and I was searching for it all around the web, believe me), made so hard impression on me that I still remember those words. It wasn't article about electronic cigarettes, it was more about tobacco and smoking.
The article was talking about how many harmful chemicals are hidden in tobacco and how they impact the human health. Believe it or not there is four thousand, yes 4,000 of them. And non of them is not beneficial for our health, and all of them harm your health in many different ways, causing different kind of diseases.
This fact made me think about quitting my more than 20 years old smoking habit and turning to electronic cigarette. If you think this was easy decision, you are wrong. No smoker, or better say, ex smoker did it with easy, with the aid of any available product for smoking cessation, even with electronic cigarettes.
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But here is an simple thought which cross my mind and made me go to the very and with my decision. This article was so nicely written with full description about each of chemical that you can find in tobacco, and what separately they can bring to your health, in small doses and in high doses. So I suddenly realized, how harmful all of them are and started being afraid for my own health. I decided to buy some of electronic cigarettes recommended by friend of mine, and it turns to be the best decision I made for myself in a whole life.
When you think about how many of harmful chemicals are you taking inside yourself with each smoke of the cigarette you take, day after day, for so many years, you realize that your health condition is in very dangerous position. Then I started exploring the electronic cigarettes and what chemicals are used in their liquids, and all I found was nicotine.
This poison which makes addiction to smoking is not that harmful like others are, but it is the main reason why we get so addicted to smoking, and why we have a need to smoke. I realized that with ecigarettes all you do is satisfying the little, let's call it nicotine monster, inside yourself, and you do not harm your health like when you smoke real tobacco.
The beneficial effects of electronic cigarettes in a simple comparison with tobacco smoke, is let's say it that way, four thousand times higher. r in the other words, by using ecigarettes, you reduce the possibility to suffer from the dangerous diseases for four thousand times!

So when I got ready, I bought myself EGO C Kit which turned to be the right choice of manufacturer and type of ecigarettes I wanted for my self. With good combination of liquids with low level of nicotine, I am using EGO C cigarettes for almost a year now.
What happened to me after I started with EGO C electronic cigarettes, is what I really wish to all smokers. I have become far more secure in myself, I started to play sports again, my confidence has jumped to an excellent level, I was no longer coughing, nor had headaches.. Not to mention how my family and friends accepted me and looking at me with more respect.
If you are thinking that ecigarettes are not good device for you, you are wrong, you are not better that any other of us who succeed in quitting smoking. Try electronic cigarettes today, and you will not regret, believe me.



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